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12100 W 52nd Ave #101
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Denver Auto Body Repair

Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Repair

Fiberglass Auto Body Repair Shop in Denver

Here at Golden Coach Works of Denver, we specialize in a wide variety of automotive body, and automotive paint repair services. One of those auto body repair services is fiberglass and carbon fiber repair. We do a lot of work on Corvettes, which happen to be made entirely out of fiberglass, and the newer Corvettes are also made out of carbon fiber. We can repair, and custom fabricate, anything out of fiberglass, and our specially trained technicians enjoy the precision work that fiberglass and carbon fiber entail.

Some fiberglass and carbon fiber bodies we've worked on include:

  • Boats
  • RV's
  • Tow Truck/Semi Truck Hoods
  • Plane Parts
  • Race Cars
  • Golf Carts
  • Various Fiberglass Bumpers
  • Body Kits on a multitude of different vehicles

We are always looking for the next challenge in automotive fiberglass or carbon fiber repair, and remember that we repair everything from Model A to present day.

Fiberglass has become the preferred choice of automakers when it comes to vehicle body panels. This material costs less than steel, is more chemical resistant and tends to be much stronger, yet lighter. It cracks or falls apart when it is damaged. In addition, fiberglass body repair denver is much easier to carry out. In fact, many individuals decide to take this task on without professional assistance, as it appears to be fairly straightforward. There are a number of reasons why this should not be done, however, and following are a few of these reasons.

One problem with fiberglass repair is the damage isn't always visible to the eye. An inexperienced person may overlook the need for repairs, and this can affect the integrity of the vehicle. Do-it-yourself repairs don't come with any warranty either, thus this can have a negative impact on the resale value of the car. In addition, when all repairs are not carried out as needed, this may lead to the car being less safe on the road. Individuals need to keep this in mind when they are deciding whether to handle the needed repairs without assistance or turn to a professional to have the work done. 

Furthermore, fiberglass produces millions of microscopic glass shards during the repair process, especially when it is subject to grinding. These shards are very itchy when they come into contact with the skin and can leave a person very uncomfortable when completing the work. Even more importantly, the shards can work their way into the person's lungs. This can lead to a condition known as pulmonary fibrosis which is irreversible. Pulmonary fibrosis reduces the capacity of the lungs and can lead to the person leading a less than full life. A painter's respirator helps to prevent this, and the same is true of good ventilation. However, professionals have equipment to ensure they are not exposed in this manner, thus let them handle any fiberglass repair that needs to be completed.

Car owners typically choose a professional fiberglass auto body repair shop denver to have work completed on their vehicle. Doing so allows the repair technician to determine if a crack can be fixed, if major repairs are needed or if panels and molds will need to be crafted. With the help of the professionals, a car owner finds the strength and beauty of their vehicle is maintained. Additionally, they feel more comfortable when behind the wheel as they know the car will be as safe in an accident as if it had just come off of the dealer's lot.