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Auto Frame Repair & Alignment Denver

Auto Frame Repair in Denver and What It Involves

Golden Coach Works in the Denver area, has the ability to measure and straighten frames on all makes and models of cars, mid-size SUV's and most trucks. We have a Chief Frame Rack with three tons of pulling power and a Genesis Laser Measuring system that measures down to the millimeter. We have I-CAR & ASE certified frame technicians that measure, assess damage, and pull your frame back to factory specifications.

Individuals often assume if the frame of their vehicle is damaged their vehicle will be totaled. However, frame damage is very common. In fact, it is estimated that 50 percent of vehicles sustain damage of this type. Thankfully, with the help of auto frame repair denver, an individual will have their vehicle back in a very short period of time. Technicians have access to an auto body frame machine, one which makes use of hydraulics to supply the leverage and torque needed to bring the frame back to the original specifications. How exactly does this machine work?


When a vehicle is taken to one of the auto frame repair shops denver it is placed on a frame straightening machine. This machine consists of a platform large enough to hold vehicles of varying sizes and upright towers or posts. The posts or towers rotate 350 degrees and move along the perimeter of this platform to access different portions of the frame. With the help of sonic senders or line-of-sight lasers, the machine electronically assesses the damage to the frame. Only when this has been determined will it be decided if the car can be repaired or will need to be totaled. In addition, the machine calculates the time needed to repair the frame, as this plays a factor in whether or not the car should be repaired.

In the event a car is determined to be repairable, it is then bolted to the platform using rigid clamps. This ensures the vehicle does not move during the frame straightening process. In addition, chains found on the posts or towers will be attached to the vehicle. These chains are placed in those areas the machine determined needed to be straightened. Hydraulic equipment on the frame straightening machine will then increase the tension on the chains in order to straighten the frame. After this has been done, the machine again assesses the vehicle to ensure the adjustments are correct and meet the exact specifications of the manufacturer.

Vehicles involved in an accident will likely need the services of a auto body frame repair denver facility. This is due to the crumple zones found in newer vehicle models. The crumple zones are designed to crush and crumple when the vehicle is in an accident, absorbing some of the impact of the crash. Thanks to this innovation, humans are less likely to be injured in the crash. However, vehicles are more likely to sustain damage even in low speed collisions. For this reason, any vehicle involved in an accident should be assessed for frame damage. Doing so helps to ensure everyone who rides in the car will remain safe.