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Understanding the Car Restoration Process in Denver and What It Involves

Individuals searching for the perfect classic car may find they need the services of a car restoration denver specialist. Many older cars have not been properly cared for, thus work needs to be done to bring them back to their full glory. Although the vehicle restoration process takes time and money, owners find it to be worth it in the end. Restoring a vehicle brings new life to a classic and will have the car running and looking like new. What services might a person request as part of a classic car restoration denver?

With a complete restoration, the entire car must be disassembled. As each piece comes off of the frame, it needs to be cataloged. Once this portion of the process is complete, the frame may be media blasted and restored, although this is optional. The vehicle should then be chemically or mechanically stripped and all metal repaired to ensure no rust remains. Any trim undergoes replacement or replating, and the entire body needs to be completely smooth to ensure there are no dents or waves. Once these steps have been taken, the restoration process may continue.

Before any paintwork is done on the automobile, it needs to be etch primed and sealed and a high build primer used on any areas where body work was carried out. The technician block sands every part of the car before painting and clearing it. Every area of the car needs to be included in the painting and clearing process, including the under deck lid, the jambs, and the under hood area. When the paint has dried, the vehicle is sanded and buffed and undercoating is applied.

Now, the mechanical work on the vehicle may begin. Any existing mechanical systems need to be rebuilt or replaced, and the steering, suspension and braking systems must be upgraded to meet current safety standards. The engine is either rebuilt or replaced with a crate motor and drivers usually opt to upgrade the gearing and transmission, as doing so provides a smoother ride.

When all body and mechanical work is complete, the interior must be addressed. This involves replacing the carpet, headliner, seat covers, and repairing springs and foam. In addition, the door panels and dash need to be restored, and any interior trim must be restored or replaced depending on the current condition.

The auto restoration denver process is very comprehensive. Make certain the restoration company does not overlook any of these steps. Only when the entire process is completed will the owner have the car they dreamed of and one that will serve them for years to come. With so much time and money invested in this effort, a person should expect nothing less.